Campaign with children. What to consider and how to arrange a safe adventure

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Is it difficult and better to wait for children on a campaign until they are at least twelve? No! Going family-friendly is easier than it sounds. And when you see the happy eyes with which a child of any age looks at the forest and mountains, you certainly will not regret this adventure. Look kids hiking backpacks reviews.

Decide on a hike format

Think about what kind of trip you would like to go with your children. The more accurately you formulate the travel format, the easier it will be to choose a place and a specific track. To make it easier to solve, answer your questions:

1. Do you want to go along the route and spend the night at different points? If not, settle in one place, for example, in an alpine camp, and arrange day trips around the surrounding area;

2. Are you ready to carry your things? If not, look for a track where you can: a) sleep in guesthouses and eat in cafes, then you need a small backpack with clothes and children’s things, or b) hire a car, porters or rent horses that will deliver backpacks to the place of the next night’s lodging;

3. What level of comfort do you need? If you do not want to sleep in a tent, look for routes where you can spend the night in huts, tourist resorts, guesthouses or hotels.

Take a look at the force route

Choose a route for family trekking as if you had a triple in physical education.

If you have hiking experience, first select a simple track that would seem boring without children. In the new line-up, the short and easy route, especially to familiar places, will be just right: you will not get too tired and save resources for communication and games with children.

If you haven’t gone hiking before, choose your debut route according to the following criteria.

  • The route for the first trip with the child should be physically simple, without steep climbs and descents.
  • It’s better if there are recent reports from other travelers about the track: so you will definitely know what awaits you.
  • The smaller the gap from civilization, the better the route is suitable for hiking with children. In this case, it will be possible to buy products along the way, and not drag them the whole trip on themselves.
  • There should be regular sources of running water on the track: springs, wells, transparent rivers (water from the rivers will have to be boiled). An example of an unsuccessful place is the Karabi-yayl in the Crimea: there is no water on the plateau, you need to carry it with you.

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